A Quick Feel Around Santa`s Sack Pt 2. 0

Wishing everyone a very Happy Christmas, Welcome to Part two of our delicate feel around Santa`s most prized possession – His sack. More seasonal melodies and holiday one-offs to listen/download while roasting your nuts in front of a two-bar electric fire, armed with one of those strange tasting mulled wines. First off, Dublin based Indiecater Records never fail to deliver when winter downloads are concerned. We`ve taken one track from the huge 17 track Christmas compilation from way back in 2008 and one from `A Special Indiecater Christmas Gift` EP released this month. The Very Most provide a jangly 60`s Pop feel to our first neatly wrapped gem, perfectly dreamy and naturally warming (Not sure how The Wombles relate to this though) – If  Belle & Sebastian came from Idaho, this is what they`d sound like. The second track `Twinkle` has vocals laid down by the immensely versatile and hard to track down Nina Hynes, her Internet footprint seems to be spread around but well worth delving into – Twinkle is brief atmospheric ditty complete with an a natural progression to more old school festivities. The overall element leading to film scores is quite apparent in her work.

The Very Most : Wombling Merry Christmas

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Nina Hynes : Twinkle

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Mike Doughty is a musician and prolific blogger. Among other publications, he has written articles for the New York Press, Paper, and Village Voice. He lives in Brooklyn, New York. On paper an absurd combination, on record the pure definition of an alternative Christmas complete with a shimmering chorus and tender sleigh bells.

“Holiday, a Christmas song, is a duet with Rosanne Cash. I did a show with her, and she said, onstage, “I feel nervous playing my new songs, because Mike Doughty is here, and he’s such a great songwriter.” That BLEW MY MIND”.

 Transylvania Alt-Folk artist Indie Folker released this track as part of the `Monsters In The Christmas` mini-album last year. Free on Bandcamp until January 15th, it`s still an EP worthy of all year exposure.

“The EP was recorded in exactly one month, in a super-exhausting writing and recording session in my house, here in Transylvania. I wrote `The Eyes, The Beard, The Nose, The Stomach, The Lungs` at the police station, in my head, when I was doing some paperwork for my car – – – don’t even ask”.

Indie Folker : The Eyes, The Beard, The Nose, The Stomach, The Lungs

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Franc Cinelli`s video take of the ever popular Blue Christmas is a brave one. A thousand cover versions out there and he still creates a very pleasing seasonal tribute.

“Singer-songwriter Franc Cinelli was born in Rome, Italy and raised in London, his Music 101 course came from his mother’s vinyl collection: Springsteen, The Police, Dire Straits, Pink Floyd & Bob Marley. He learned his trade playing shows, jumping on National Express coaches to play gigs in pubs, venues and front rooms from Hastings to Stornaway and back again until there were enough songs to make a record”.

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