Bus Stop Apocalypse, The Girobabies New Album, A Social Commentary From Glasgow`s Finest. 0

The Girobabies are under no illusions when it comes to platinum selling records and rockstar status, their regional bluntness and utter satisfaction in digging lyrical mischief towards a cracked social system would never allow such a monstrous thought – although with a wry smile and a Glaswegian wink, they`d probably die trying. The album `Bus Stop Apocalypse` is a mad-eyed collective finding themselves through a cross section of  musical influences and sheer bloody mindlessness encapsulated by a raised middle finger – A mix mash of suburban genres and glorious subcultures, the lyrical content is as calming as a Government health warning on the back of twenty Marlboro lights. The Girobabies weave their brand of Punk poetry throughout the fast-paced nine track release, the low-fi electronica influenced `Shonzo The Security Guard` is an unexpected Irvine Welsh acid trip, a frenzied affair packed full of rave witchery and dirty club basements. The blatant minimal chord changes within two or three of the tracks thrust the angst further forward, leaving some very danceable bass riffs to pull and tug in hypnotic acknowledgement of quality mid 90`s Indie.  Whether you agree or not with The Girobabies` social opinions and pro-hedonistic mutterings, Bus Stop Apocalypse is a great album – Introduce label interest, financial investment and less beer, who knows the CIA may really have something to worry about.

  The Girobabies, Becoming more popular than an Iranian nuclear scientist with a chemistry set.

“Too many scapegoats, too many chancers,
  I hope that i wake up and i`ll finally get answers,
Too many questions
Keep your suggestions
I want answers”.

The Girobabies : I Want Answers

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