Hot Canadian Trio The Balconies Set To Release Kill Count E.P. 0

Photo Credit Courtney Lee Yip

“Continuing their blistering entry into 2012, The Balconies are gearing up for a tour of Ontario and the East Coast in preparation for the February 28th release of their highly anticipated EP Kill Count. The Toronto-by-way-of-Ottawa trio have already hit listeners with the title track and its dynamic music video, and they’re ready to take Kill Count east on a short tour before travelling to the South by Southwest Festival in Austin, Texas and returning home in time for Canadian Music Week in March”.

Canadian Indie-Rock trio The Balconies get rhythmically hot with a new E.P, glittery music video and a hyped new look. Flicking through past releases and press shots, it`s hard to believe the`re the same band from last year – To be totally honest, previously I might have skipped past their Indie-Pop sentiments and boy/girl next door looks like a guilty flash. `Kill Count` is a big tune, it`s arena rock with sex appeal, marvelous rolling percussion with Kravitz style guitar licks. `Beating Your Heart` produces almost a Grace Slick alter-ego, lush vocals and melancholic six string madness. The balconies still retain their enchanting band understanding and melodic tightness but the new paint job and engine tune up has produced an outstanding collection of creative material.

“The Kill Count EP will drop on February 28th. Offering 5 tracks of The Balconies’ special brand of high-energy rock and roll, Kill Count promises to be a crowd-pleaser for the band’s veteran fans, as well as creating a veritable army of newcomers”.

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