Free 2012 Audio Sampler From The Very Wonderful Song,byToad Records. 0

Song, by Toad Records will shortly be releasing into the world what we reckon is going to become an annual free sampler, mostly as a free download, but with a few CDs given to local record shops and available at gigs as well. The sampler is a combination of things we’ll be releasing this year, mixed in with a couple of things from 2011 and interspersed with a few brilliant moments of the late Kenneth Williams’ reading of the Wind in the Willows. Snippets from this reading litter my own weekly podcast, and inspired the name of the label in the first place, so it seemed kind of fitting to pop a couple on here”.

Ending the weekend with a huge free download from Matthew at Song, by Toad. The Edinburgh based Record Label/Music Blog remains a pivotal part of the worldwide Independent music scene, I don`t claim to know Matthew personally, maybe exchanged a few promotional emails or the occasional piece of sociable banter but hats off to one of the Internet`s hardest working music enthusiasts (I`m not entirely sure Matthew calls it work though). Anyway, I thought it would be nice to re-post his plans for an annual label sampler.

You can download this little parcel of digital fun from Bandcamp for free, and we are sending out a few to our favourite record shops to give away as well, so if you want a CD either come to a Song, by Toad gig in Edinburgh or go to a record shop“.

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