Echoes de Luxe, Video / Free Download For `The Ride` From The New Eagerly Awaited EP. 0

“For those who miss the era of rock where music had bravado and albums had artwork, we present to you…hope. Echoes de Luxe have a sound and spirit that embodies 70’s era rock bred with the sonic experimentation of today”.

Disconcertingly confident and melodically unbroken, these Los Angeles based Dream-Rock visionaries define the pure nature of current independent music. With some industry big guns to champion their flawless harmonious quantities and complex moody Rock, Echoes de Luxe provide an atmospheric glimpse into how this genre should be portrayed. The music video for `The Ride` includes the insanely gorgeous Kelsey Gunn courtesy of the 5 second films series and although the track is pretty faithful to the hugely successful 2009/10 demo, `The Ride` has evolved into a slightly more sinister relative complete with a sporadic drum style and a venue busting chorus. Indie aftershock or mainline Rock N`Roll, Echoes de Luxe open the experimental musical door with very subtle 20lb sledgehammer.

“Echoes de Luxe released their debut EP in March of 2009. Mixed by Alex Newport (Jubilee, Mars Volta), and mastered by Pete Lyman (Mars Volta, Death Cab for Cutie), the 5 songs won them an early champion in Jane’s Addiction guitarist, Dave Navarro. In July of 2011 the band teamed up with producer and Velvet Revolver guitarist Dave Kushner to record a 4-song EP”.

“Two songs from the upcoming album have already gained some traction. “The Ride” has been added to rotation at Moheak Radio, and “Hold On” was featured in the Season 2 premiere of MTV’s Teen Wolf. The video for “The Ride” was shot in Los Angeles with director Michael Peter (5 Second Films)”

Echoes de Luxe : The Ride

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