Two Very Hot Leerone Releases! New Album, Heart Shaped Bullets & Free EP Download. 1

Photo Credit : Hamesh Shahani

Impulsive and dangerous with a paradoxically sweet core, Leerone’s album `Heart Shaped Bullets` blows into town like a home-wrecking Delilah hell bent on trouble. Seething with the spirit of emancipation and self-discovery, Heart Shaped Bullets cocks the hammer on a new, self-styled brand of soul revivalism—a collection of songs compelling enough to jog listeners out of their workaday complacency into a new, experiential way of living. With rock-inflected original songs that suggest some heaven-sent collusion between Nancy Sinatra, the Rolling Stones, PJ Harvey & the Black Keys, Heart Shaped Bullets increases female sexual desire and significantly improves potency in men. Co-written and produced by Chris Seefried (Fitz & the Tantrums), the album’s raw, gutsy and nostalgically vintage roots are broadly appealing, but its adventure-craving spirit will especially engross those questioners, dreamers and lovers who seek a slightly more uncivilized truth (consequences be damned)”.

I`ve been looking back through our archives to find a previous post for the LA based singer-songwriter Leerone, heaps of material including reviews, photos and music were lost during the site`s migration to self-hosting three years ago so an educated guess puts the post somewhere around Oct 2009 i`d say, pretty sure it was a video and short review for her wonderful debut album `Imaginary Biographies`.

I still remember finding her lyrical self awareness and addictive smile captivating, she still remains one of the few artists who correspond on a more personal and friendly level, it`s strange how you remember the small things. All the niceties are still evident on Leerone`s latest album, her confidence and maturity has blossomed from her previous collections of excellent Pop songs to a very hot deliverance of raunchy blue-eyed Soul. `Heart Shaped Bullets` is commercially retro whilst still sounding remarkably current, the stylish charm, hipster arrangements & hard bluesy guitar riffs complement the Israeli-born singer`s sultry new direction. The girl next door has really jumped ship, fantastic!

“Alive with the spirit of emancipation and self-discovery, Heart Shaped Bullets is the sound of an artist unshackling herself from societal and personal restraints. The result is an assemblage of semi-autobiographical songs that Leerone hopes will inspire listeners to escape their own workaday drudgery in pursuit of a new, experiential way of living”.

To accompany the new album, Leerone is releasing `The Lost Records : Vol. 1,` a collection of free cover songs for digital download wherein she interprets five R&B and rock staples by Donovan, the Black Keys, Doris Troy and more“.

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