Powerful Four Track EP Release From Detroit`s Frantic Glam-Punk Trio White Shag. 0

“Imagine Janis Joplin possessed by Iggy Pop’s soul and returning from the dead to front the freak love child of the Rolling Stones, Queens of the Stone Age and the MC5. That is White Shag. White Shag is high energy, female fronted, passionate rock with airs of Jimi Hendrix and Cream on electric guitar and a heavy handed and very primal John Bonham banging on drums. You have to see it to believe it. No videos or recordings do a live show justice and even then, you still can’t believe it”.

Some seriously major Rock`N Roll influences are stacked up in this Detroit band`s press release, but as the first rule of Rock insists on total attitude magnification, White Shag have probably shortened this list quite considerably. The Detroit trio is fronted by the magnetically charged Laura Mendoza, her duties in female Rock`N Roll artistry are indeed limitless, low slung bass routines and a sexy vocal innuendo will always ensure a show`s maximum attendance. Relentless thundering percussion holds together the┬áraucous exuberance of this sweaty glam-fest, Guitarist, Jorge Cortez could conceivably strap a feedback infused six-string on each arm and still pause for some ingeniously braided riffage, grab a slice of White Shag`s┬ábenevolent pre-Punk standards, the four track EP is available now with all of it`s timeless implications and fantastic theatrical vigor – A marvelously photogenic start to our audio week.

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