Alberta Fuzz-Rock Band ‘The Void’ Release ‘RobotSpaceLove’. 0

“The Void is an independent fuzz rock band picking up the pieces of love and rebellion that the early 90’s left behind. Avoiding the present 15 minute scenes the Void will reconnect you with the past and give something to look forward to in the future of rock & roll music. The Void has been a constant side project for Jon Vornbrock since 2006. Two solo records have been released so far, 2007’s Play.Make.Believe & 2012’s Acoustic/This record is not blu-ray. But side projects be damned. Move over everything else, The Void has just kicked it into high gear. Dean Wilson, Rob Cooper & Jonny Little have been added to the line up & The Void has just recorded it’s first full band record”.

Lethbridge, Alberta certainly isn’t one of the first locations you’d suggest finding such a disciplined brand of meandering Fuzz-Rock, The Void play against a backdrop of subtle Rock riffs and grungy irregularities –  Exceptionally sweet melodies pose with an explosive Post-Rock urgency, the nature has been eschewed in a non-commercial direction that signals a positive urge to go somewhere with this debut long player. Delightful and climatic Noise-Pop flavourings, play very loud with confidence .

“RobotSpaceLove was recorded August-November 2012 in a dingy jam hall lead by recording engineer Quint Viskup. Being given the freedom to record & mix for countless hours the Void were able to make an ambient fuzz record without paying the price for a pro studio. Pressing 1000 copies the Void plans to tour RobotSpaceLove leaving fans with something tangible to take home. Although not forgetting about the digital listeners, RobotSpaceLove is available on iTunes”.

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