The Danglers, Heavy Wooden Rock w/ Violin, Upright Bass, Drums. 0

“Established in 1997, The Danglers are a Progressive Acid Rock trio consisting of electric violin, standup bass, and drums. The Danglers combine Jazz, Classical, Heavy Metal, Punk and Fusion stylings. The result being, superior musicianship and intelligent song writing often accompanied by improvisation. Known for their amazing live shows, The Danglers are a MUST see live band!
Individually, each member of The Danglers have been plucked to tour and record as members of Violent Femmes, The Tossers, Fred Anderson, Heidi Spencer and the Rare Birds, and many more throughout the band’s history”.

 The technical artistry and musical momentum The Danglers generate is honestly amazing, this certainly isn`t commercial lightweight psychedelia or average Prog-Rock playfulness. The Milwaukee based trio`s rock compositions are almost neo-classical art forms, naturally non pretentious and completely absorbing. Performance art for the ears, the enthralling live shows come highly recommended, so if like myself you prefer instruments played by human beings and are passionate about music, The Danglers are a band that should not be overlooked.

The Danglers : Comet Czar

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