New Franc Cinelli Song, `John Giles`. From A Collection Of Free Downloads Entitled `Journey Under Moonshine`.

“Franc sings torch songs that unite and bring happiness, with undercurrents of the Italianesque corrido and a voice that gathers the tones of the great songsters of the American western migration”.

Franc Cinelli`s intimate, often charming approach to his self-penned work never fails to express those tingling warm feelings, the London based singer-songwriter keeps it simple by focusing on his fabulous vocal strengths and personal epiphany. The 16 track collection `Journey Under Moonshine` covers great moments of emotional conscience including a new unreleased track `John Giles`, a mouthwatering revelation for the new record promised for next year. A musician`s progression through their personal songbook provides a way to underline any closing chapters or post-lyrical events, it`s a melodic celebration casting aside words and melodies, making space for a philosophical deep clean.

“Working on my new record and in need of a little inspiration, I trawled through the boxes under my bed and found Compact Discs, Tapes and vinyls full of my songs. So before moving forward, allow me to glance back. I’ve decided to put together a collection of my favourite tracks along with a brand new song, John Giles (It was inspired by a real life Alcatraz inmate escape attempt in 1945). I’ve called this collection, Journey Under Moonshine”.

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Franc Cinelli, New Video For Let It Begin.

“He learned his trade playing shows, jumping on National Express coaches to play gigs in pubs, venues and front rooms from Hastings to Stornaway and back again until there were enough songs to make a record. His debut album “Glue” under the moniker of “Goodtimes Goodtimes” released independently, helped him reach out to a bigger audience and took him on several tours around the US where his alt/country & blues influences matured. At first, this involved fitting in as many gigs as possible in a single night at the Greenwich Village coffee shops, bars and record stores, then graduating to playing seminal venues like Pianos and The Living Room on Ludlow Street, Sidewalk Cafe’ and Rockwood Music Hall in Manhattan New York, Third and Lindsley and The Basement in Nashville. Following “Glue”, Franc returned to London and signed to Danton Supple’s Definition Arts label who release his second album, Novemer 2011. After a European tour, he and his band are getting ready for a busy year ahead”.

Always happy to feature anything by the extremely talented Singer-Songwriter Franc Cinelli, it wasn’t long ago that we gave away copies of the melodious debut album `Goodtimes Goodtimes`, it`s no surprise the UK based artist still has the love and desire to reach out to as many listeners as possible. The track `Let It Begin`showcases Franc`s Alt-Country influences and meticulous taste, the addition of a full band setup magnifies his musical options, ten fold.

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