Animali – The Spark, and Three Other Poorly-Produced Pieces of Music – EP.

“Put together in Lyon in 2013, Animali rises as a newcomer on the Indie Rock scene. Inspired by the psychedelic rock bands from the 70’s, they will be releasing their first EP comes March, 2014. Their music is full of references to important bands such as Pink Floyd or the Grateful Dead. You’ll also find in ‘The Spark and three other poorly-produced pieces of music’, more modern musical atmospheres, that remind you of the Flaming Lips, Horrors…. To illustrate their record single ‘The Alchemists’, the band trusted Jérémy N’Guyen and Maxime Servoise from Partizan/RoyalPost (Michel Gondry, Warren Fu…) with the production of a music video. The musical impression is being emphasized by the weirdness of the images, playing with senses in a kind of hallucinatory painting. An illusion that takes its roots in the movies of David Lynch, Terry Gilliam or the Wachowsky brothers”.

“The video was released in partnership with Modzik, a french online and print magazine. Until summer, the band will be touring in France for the release of
their EP, then they will be back in the studio for further recording”.

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Courtesy Of Gourmets Recordingz

Fuzzy Vox, Debut Album ‘On Heat’.

“Fuzzy Vox are a Garage/Power-pop trio which started in Joinville (suburbia of Paris, France) in 2010, to date they’ve recorded two EP’s (Off The Beaten Track & Technicolor) and have toured with legends such as The Barracudas, The Moons, Thee Vicars, Les Wampas and Crusaders of Love. The band have a reputation for a powerful live set in the pure tradition of  The Jam, The Kinks and all the Punk-Rock/Power-Pop of 70’s and 80’s music scene”.

Post-Punk meets Pop culture, Fuzzy Vox bring a house-burning climax to today’s procedings, the lead track from their Pelle Gunnerfeldt produced album ‘On Heat’ makes no excuses for bulldozing any current Rock ‘N’ Roll perceptions. Straight to the point, this slightly ramshackle French trio pitch a unbelievably catchy Pysch-Pop vibe, ‘1789’ has one of those progressive crunches that even ‘The Hives’ only occasionally managed to muster. New Wave inspired, the black suits invite Feelgood and Jam musical connotations in the best way possible, their sometimes brief and laconic Indie riffs sound fractionally more deranged with each cataclysmic listen – Raw and uncompromising energy, a must-see live band for 2014.

 “The debut album ‘ON HEAT’ is produced by Pelle Gunnerfeldt (The Hives, Refused), A European tour is being planned for 2014”.

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