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Animali – The Spark, and Three Other Poorly-Produced Pieces of Music – EP.

“Put together in Lyon in 2013, Animali rises as a newcomer on the Indie Rock scene. Inspired by the psychedelic rock bands from the 70’s, they will be releasing their first EP comes March, 2014. Their music is full of references to important bands such as Pink Floyd or the Grateful Dead. You’ll also find […]

Fuzzy Vox, Debut Album ‘On Heat’.

“Fuzzy Vox are a Garage/Power-pop trio which started in Joinville (suburbia of Paris, France) in 2010, to date they’ve recorded two EP’s (Off The Beaten Track & Technicolor) and have toured with legends such as The Barracudas, The Moons, Thee Vicars, Les Wampas and Crusaders of Love. The band have a reputation for a powerful […]

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