Ticktockman, Self-Titled Debut Album. 0

“Experimental alt-rockers Ticktockman are set to release their debut self-titled album on February 14, 2012. Working with producer Derek Moree in their hometown of Seattle, WA, the eleven new tracks featured on Ticktockman are a combination of technical guitar work, groove-based ambience, and brooding, catchy vocals; birthing a record that will make you forget what you know about the state of modern rock music”.

Seattle based Rock outfit Ticktockman comfortably push their genre through familiar territories with stunning flair and musicianship, these guys are technically brilliant. If you`re learning guitar, resiliently studying chords and tabature, look away now you`re chosen task may now seem a little more daunting. Prog-Psychedelia meets classic guitar scorn, controlled feedback and a rhythm to bust your rib cage, the debut release is a Alt-Rock enthusiasts dream. It seems Ticktockman have a love for their effects pedals, embracing audio technology and generally playing loud to the point of disorientation – The band craft an unsurprising vibe, almost danceable within rock realms. All vinyl copies come with a download card and a couple other digital extras. The album will also be available on iTunes, Amazon MP3.

Ticktockman : Blackhole Waltz

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