Lee “Scratch” Perry And Friends, Disco Devil – The Jamaican Discomixes.

“By the latter half of the seventies, disco-mixes – extended versions of tracks – were de rigueur throughout popular music. The trend was particularly suited to reggae, as vocal cuts could be spliced with DJ or Dub cuts to create long-playing versions singles – and there was no greater exponent of the disco-mix format than Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry. From 1976 to 1980, Perry created some of the most sublime 12” singles ever to see issue and the very best of these works are collected here on this long over due collection”

The heyday of extended mixes, heavy dubs and smooth Roots Reggae, the arrival of Lee `Scratch` Perry`s Black Ark studio in the mid 70`s helped propel the treasured reggae vinyl mix into a worldwide phenomenon – Some of those early hard to find releases can cost you an absolute fortune. Fantastic sleeve notes with the classic Black Art label design on the two-disc release give `Disco Devil` a quality feel, but of course this compilation has been compiled by enthusiasts not a label expecting a fast buck or two. 18 tracks of meandering Dub mastered by the hands of  Lee `Scratch` Perry, a magnificent addition to any Trojan collection.

“This double disc release is not just intended for committed Perry enthusiasts, but also those wishing to discover the very best in Roots Reggae sounds, this is undoubtedly the finest collection of Reggae disco-mixes yet to see issue”.

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Trojan Records Limited Edition 7″ Vinyl Boxset, Celebrating Legendary Producer Duke Reid And The Treasure Isle Label.

“Prior to the advent of Rock Steady and Reggae, the irresistible sound of Ska dominated Jamaica’s music landscape. At the forefront of the island’s vibrant music scene throughout this time was the legendary producer and proprietor of the famed Treasure Isle liquor store, recording studio and label: Duke Reid. Collected within this box are faithful reproductions of eight of the Duke’s most precious musical gems from the original Ska era of the mid-sixties. And with each of these 7” singles making their first official release outside Jamaica, this limited edition collection is one for musical connoisseurs to treasure.”

Only in sunny Jamaican could a man go from working as a Police officer to liquor store owner, running an outdoor sound system to eventually owning some of the most influential Ska/Rocksteady labels during the 60`s and early 70`s – Duke Reid will always remain an international producing legend and his contribution is considered vital in bringing early reggae to a wider global audience. This stunning set of limited edition 7″ Vinyl won`t leave you a lot of change from £50 but given the 16 rare tracks, the quality and the collectable nature of this release, personally I think it`s worth every Jamaican dollar.

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Released on 11th June 2012

Courtesy Of  PPR Publicity