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Trojan Records Limited Edition 7″ Vinyl Boxset, Celebrating Legendary Producer Duke Reid And The Treasure Isle Label.

“Prior to the advent of Rock Steady and Reggae, the irresistible sound of Ska dominated Jamaica’s music landscape. At the forefront of the island’s vibrant music scene throughout this time was the legendary producer and proprietor of the famed Treasure Isle liquor store, recording studio and label: Duke Reid. Collected within this box are faithful […]

CD Giveaway – SKA Madness 2, Another 20 Reggae Classics Which Inspired A Generation.

“Picking up from where volume 1 left off, Ska Madness 2 takes you further into late 70`s and early 80`s Two Tone Ska, Rocksteady and Reggae explosion. It features tracks which influenced the original bands and dominated dancefloors at the time. Time to get ready to do rocksteady, again”. Comprehensive collection of foot tapping Ska […]

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